Drew Robertson- Noises, Visions, and Whatnots
Drew Robertson-Laughter Suppression live at NightLight Sep 20-excerpt
performance documentation
I set up CackleAcky’s, my portable comedy club, at a music venue and performed a 15-minute comedy set bookended by two bands. I created a laugh track that became more and more distorted throughout the performance. A friend triggered the laugh track, and she would start it whenever anyone in the crowd laughed. It started subtly but became more prevalent throughout the performance. Once noticed people would laugh at the jokes and then the sound would drown them out, until the laugh track stopped, and viewers would start laughing again, albeit uncomfortably only to be subsumed again by the recording. The jokes from my set were only one source of humor in the room. The other source became the volleying back and forth of real crowd laughter versus the laugh track.
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