Drew Robertson- Noises, Visions, and Whatnots
Walking Home Drunk While Snapping and Clapping 9/7/13
field recording
I am pleased to announce my new series of pure field recordings, entitled “The Other Southern Folks’ Life.” No effects, no major processing, just the recordings. “Walking Home Drunk While Snapping and Clapping 9/7/13,” is the first piece to kick off the series. It takes a while, but subtly builds to a gentle crescendo of snaps, clapping, and the steady rhythm of denim leg rubbing against denim leg. You will hear the breeze, crickets, and cars as well, that will give you the sense of walking along the street. I recommend listening with closed ear headphones for best results. So you know what you are in for: you will hear me as I walk home after drinking at least 7 beers and a whiskey or two. There is a belch in there and as this is audio veritè, I have not edited it out. I will just ask you to excuse me now. Please listen to the piece in its entirety as it is considered a document of an experience.
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